NLP News Cypher | 01.12.20


This Week:

Neural Module Network Effects


Too Many Recaps, Not Enough Time

Lex’s Vision is 2020

Time for a Fireside Chat?

Reading Comprehension Evaluation Server

Using BERT for NLU

>>> show_predictions("Book a table for two at Le Ritz for Friday night!",
... tokenizer, joint_model, intent_names, slot_names)
____________________________________________________________________## Intent: BookRestaurant
## Slots:
Book : O
a : O
table : O
for : O
two : B-party_size_number
at : O
Le : B-restaurant_name
R : I-restaurant_name
##itz : I-restaurant_name
for : O
Friday : B-timeRange
night : I-timeRange
! : O

Dataset of the Week: AQuA

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